Stillbirth – a description, not a diagnosis

Stillbirth Matters

This spring, Star Legacy Foundation held our first essay contest! Potential entrants were encouraged to send in an essay explaining what they would like researchers and health care providers to know about their stillbirth experience and what they have learned in their grief.

Jackie Sondrol submitted the winning entry. Her essay was printed in the syllabus for Stillbirth Summit 2014 in June and we are pleased to share it with you again here. Her words speak to many of us.

Thank you to everyone who participated. We hope to share the other entries in future issues.

We wish Jackie hadn’t joined our ‚club‘ just as we wish none of us had. But, we are certainly grateful to have Jackie’s passion, dedication, and inspiration working with us to prevent stillbirth.


Stillbirth – a description, not a diagnosis. It is only after influential organizations reach this simple conclusion that we will…

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